Bay Area Pain Medical Associates welcomes physicians, advanced practice nurses, physician’s assistants, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine practitioners and other health care providers to this section of the the website. Although it is open to anyone to browse, the information is oriented towards health care professionals interested in developing and attaining up to date information in pain medicine. Although people with chronic pain often present as difficult cases that require specialized treatment, it is our belief that most pain medicine treatment should be focused upon early intervention in primary care and other treating professionals' practices. We will try to succinctly deliver current information in pain medicine on this section of the website. We do feel that those who take on the task of treating their patients' painful conditions should avail themselves to specialized training, and we highly recommend one of the Continuing Medical Education review courses put on by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, The Western Pain Society, the California Medical Board, PractIcal Pain Management, the Oregon Pain Society or other local and state medical boards and pain societies. Feel free to download or print out whatever you consider to be helpful guidelines for your own patient care. We stress that each of the clinical pages is a starting point for information on pain disorders and their treatment and hope that they open vistas for further study and application of the principles of pain medicine in your practices.